Friday, April 20, 2012

THE AIREDALE is my most recent large painting. It measures 36" x 48". Coming up with a food product that reflects Airedales was a little challenge. Airedale is a region of in Yorkshire, England and there wasn't an indigenous food that seemed to tie the dog and region together. I then went to just the dog. I here from Airedale people that Airedales are funny, crazy dog. This made me think of the term "Bananas" as in crazy. So then it was Banana Cream Pie. The tie to the Airedale region came with the "Road House". I think of old England and road house where people would stop for dinner and a bed. I like the subtlety of this painting with the bright lettering and bananas. It is always fun to paint these interesting snouts. The painting is available as are limited edition prints, custom prints where a name replaces Airedale and products with the art on it in my Cafe Press gift site.To see more go to: