Thursday, August 27, 2009


This painting was fun to do. Beagles are so funny. Their noses are amazing. Their digging legendary. We had a dog (Little guy) that was part Beagle and something that left him with short legs. We got him from my inlaws when he was about 14 - 15 years old. His hearing and sight diminished, his sense of smell was till at his peak. He would be up stairs in his bed and if you pulled a carrot out of the fridge, he would show up. And while he wasn't the smartest dog in the pack, to say the least, he was brilliant at getting food when he wanted it. And when old and hobbled, he was an acrobat at getting at food. He was also a charmer. He was the dog everyone would go to when we took him to the pack to the vet.

The original measures 48" x 36" and is priced at $2,750. The limited edition prints come in my standard sizes and prices. Go to to buy.

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