Sunday, March 7, 2010

Project Art Licensing

It's exciting when something that you started working on about nine months ago finally comes to fruition.

Last June I was contacted by the principals of a new company named Project Art and they wanted to license my images for purses, handbags, shoes and similar products. The two company owners are long time veterans of this industry.

I'm very interested in licensing, but never considered these product types for my work. They convinced me it would work and we began the process.

i didn't want to mention this on my blog or web-site because projects such as this can end for many reasons and getting the actual product in the stores takes quite a while. Mock-ups need to be made, the company needs to secure enough sales to justify production and then finally production and placement for retailer's spring lines. Many products take this long or evan longer to develop and merchandise.

Last week, I finally got to see these photos of product in the store and within a few days, I'll receive some live samples. - I can't wait. The store in this photo, Robert's Fine Shoes, is located in Palm Desert, California, a very nice location. What I'm humbled by is that many of these retailers are carrying high end lines, such as Donald Pliner, Judith Leiber, Taryn Rose, Stuart Weitzman, Bruno Magi and Cole Han.

These products with my images on them are available in several dozen store across the country and while not a huge number, I'm assured that it's pretty good for a new look and with a new company, particularly in the current economy. Let's hope demand swells and more and more stores pick-up this line.

A current listing of stores will be listed here soon.

One note. At any one time only a handful of my images will be used for these products.


Stan Neerman said...

Hi Ken, We just unpacked a beautiful, fun collection of sandals and purses from PROJECT ART with your designs. The are very exciting, especially after such dark and depressing winter. Thanks for taking on this project. Stan Greensboro NC

Ken Bailey said...


Thank you for your comment and for taking on this line with my art on it. If you Facebook, post photos of your store with some of these items with address and contact info. My fan page is Ken Bailey Art. Or email them to me and we'll post. Hopefully it will create some sales.