Friday, March 18, 2011

I've finish my English Bull dog and he's back from the photographer. Painting his big massive head was interesting. I had never painted one of these guys before. I am really happy with the antique yellow background color. The original of this is available as are limited edition prints and custom prints.

To see more go to:

I've already started on my next major painting. It is a Chocolate Lab and the title is "LABRADOR CHOCOLATE ALE" My "LABRADOR PALE ALE", a yellow lab and "LABRADOR DARK ALE" have been quite popular. I'll have my Labs and their beers done. Funny, I rarely drink beer.

I'll be donating this painting to my local Humane Society's "Tuxes and Tails" auction. Buy it there and it''s a tax write off.

I've also made some changes to my web-site. A more minimalist look.


Anonymous said...

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Ken Bailey said...

I'm slow, but sometimes I'm evan slower. Thank for the advice.

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